About Us

Sacred Mindz Creations Flower of Life Chakra Crystal Grids

Sacred Mindz started in 2017 with one mission in mind
to bring more peace and harmony to the world – to your world!
Caroline is originally from England and now lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Caroline has trained with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in England
Certified in Reiki I and Reiki II trained in Freeport on the island of Grand Bahama
Certified in Therapeutic Massage, trained in London, England
Creator of “The Flower of Life” Journey through the Chakras Grids, Grids for Crystal Grid making.  Set your intention for your grid, add crystals and activate your grid
These grids are a popular teaching tool for Reiki Teachers and many other healing practitioners

Our Company

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Our Team

Meet our co-founders. Ready to answer any questions you might have about what we do here at Sacred Mindz!

Caroline Sayers


Derek Sayers


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