Crystal Grid Creation


Nature is made up of patterns, structures and designs from the smallest atom to the infinite Universe.  Sacred Geometry describes the geometrical laws which create everything in existence.  It unites the heart and mind, spirit and matter, science and spirituality.  Each of nature’s creations reveal to us the nature of that object and its own energetic vibration.  Every creation has a unique vibratory frequency.  The interaction of all the vibratory frequencies found in creation show us the intrinsic unity of the part of the whole.  Sacred Geometry and mathematical ratios are found in music, light and cosmology.  



Co-create with the universe. Crystal gridding combines sacred geometry, intention, and crystals to achieve a specified outcome.   Crystal grids are a wonderful are a wonderful tool to use when you wish to manifest your dreams and desires.  They allow you to utilize the energy of several crystals at once.  When combining the Sacred Geometry of the Flower of Life Pattern together with your chosen crystals for your grid, this helps align you with your intention.  Once your grid is activated, the energy and vibration of the crystals work together as a team.

Red Root Chakra Crystal Grid


Many Crystals have been nestled deep within the Earth for millions of years each cultivating a unique story and spiritual message.  Crystals are Earth’s mini record keepers. When we tap into their vibration we can access wisdom that is bigger than us as individuals and as a society.  Crystals all have their own personalities, some are strong and others are more subtle and gentle in their energy. They all have their own vibrational frequency. Crystals are useful in emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing. They can be used for emotional support, manifesting intentions, spiritual development, connecting with intuition, chakra balancing, protection, and more.


It is important to set an intention/purpose for yor grid.  An intention is a desire to bring more of something into your life such as Abundance, Health, Healing, Protection, Healthy relationships, Peace, Joy, Spirit connection, Angelic Realm communications, the list is endless.


It is a good idea  to cleanse your crystals and stones before placing them onto your grid.  Hold each one separately and visualise pure bright white light washing over them for at least 15 seconds .  You can also light a smudge stick in and around the space where you will be setting up your grid.  Sunlight and the Moon are both a good way to cleanse them.  Leave them in the Sunlight for a short time, and overnight in the moonlight.   You may wish to look up which crystals and stones you need to be careful with as some will fade and or spoil in too much heat and sunlight.


Firstly find a safe and sacred space for your grid, somewhere it will not be disturbed by anyone.  Choose at least 5 crystals for your grid one of which will be your Master crystal.  Your Master crystal should also be the largest crystal you work with.  Starting with the Master crystal, speak your intention to your crystal as you hold it in your right hand for one minute, it can be longer, go with your intuition on this.  Then place your Master crystal onto the Centre.  Repeat for each crystal before placing onto your grid using the same intention throughout.   For the Flower of Life Patterned Grid, all other crystals should be placed in the centre of each flower and along the lines creating a symmetrical pattern.  


Once all your crystals are placed, take a crystal with a pointed end and with the point facing forward and without touching the other crystals state your intention as you trace an invisible line from the Master Crystal in the centre through to the top crystal. Then in a clockwise direction trace over to the outside crystal to the right and then return to the centre. From the centre go back to the crystal that you just came from and move to the next crystal on the right and then back to the centre and repeat, remembering to state your intention throughout. Once you get back to the crystal at the top move back to the centre.    You have now activated your grid in line with your intention.  My recommendation is to have your grid set up for a minimum of 30 days.  Tune into your grid every day to keep the energy flowing.


During your grid set-up, write up any thoughts, insights and emotions that come to you so that you may later reflect on their meanings.  You may wish to do this daily, every 3 days and or once per week, go with your intuition. 



Before taking your grid down, say a big heartfelt thank you to all of your crystals by placing both hands over your grid without touching any of your crystals and saying  “thank you for all your help and assistance in bringing more Abundance into my life”

Then take your crystals off of your grid one by one starting with the supporting crystals and leaving the Master crystal for last.  Then take each one separately in your left hand and then cup your right hand over the crystal and say “I bathe and surround you with pure white cleansing light” then visualise the pure white light cleansing and surrounding them. Take a minute for each one.  Suggested time, take at least 15 minutes for de-activating your grid in a mindful manner.   Once you have cleared your whole grid, place your crystals and grid in a safe place.

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