Naturally, what we know comes from the earliest writings we have that mention the chakras

The word chakra is derived from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit word, “chakram” which means wheel or circle

I’ll only consider the history as it relates to how the word chakras and what the chakras represent have been used in Tantric Yoga. Tantric meaning a system, practice or theory

There are other meanings of the word, “chakram”, that relate to religion and politics. Should you be interested enough and look up “chakram”, you may be confused as the chakram (a throwing weapon) comes from the Sanskrit word “cakram” – a Sanskrit word with a similar spelling to “chakram”, but with a very different meaning!

Enough! On with the history of the chakras. . .

History of Chakras
History of the Chakras

The concept of the chakras first appears in the Vedas which comprise many writings from the Indian subcontinent which have been dated between 1700 – 1100 BCE

As I’d already mention, the chakras were associated with Tantric Yoga

The writings show that the number of chakras was not fixed and variations with five, six, seven, nine, ten, twelve, twenty-one or more were practiced

The version often used in the West, has seven or eight chakras and this appears to have its origins commencing from early 20th Century translations of certain Sanskrit writings into English

Since then other books have been written linking the chakras to specific mantras, colours, glands, angels and minerals


The early writings link the chakras to energy centers located at major branches of the nervous system

The chakras were considered degrees of consciousness that reflected states of the soul

In the Tantric Yoga and other practices that work with chakras in India, the chakras are usually visualized as spinning wheels with lotus petals at the edges

Most of these practices work with certain ancient deities which at a minimum include: Ganesh, Brahmā, Vishnu, Rudra, Īśvara, Sadāśiva, and Bhairava

The work to be done when undertaking these practices was to cause the release the Kundalini (the energy unleased at the time of creation) from its sleeping place at the base of the spine and to have the Kundalini rise upwards and pass through each chakra until it reached the divine

Raising kundalini
Raising Kundalini


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