The Sanskrit word Vyapini, is associated with the Soul Star chakra which is located just above your head

When working with the Soul Star chakra it is useful to visualize a subtle, spinning, metaphysical white and gold, translucent lotus flower with an infinity symbol in the middle. You will see variations on this, the choice of what to visualize is yours. Remember, the feeling of release and well-being derived from the practice can always be achieved with focus

When working with the Soul Star chakra, you should remember that the practice is primarily one of visualization and the purpose is to bring you closer to the divine: for the kundalini, the energy of creation, to rise up through all of the chakras until it meets the divine

To facilitate visualization and activation of the Soul Star chakra, it has been associated with colors, elements, crystals, archangels and positive human values. These connections should be recognized as channels that we can use to help us release the energy and to bring us closer to our connection with the divine

It is common to associate the colors gold and white and the element of spiritual awareness and ascension with the Soul Star chakra

Being a higher chakra, you should choose one of the mantras, one that you feel will help you release and connect. OM being the seed-mantra of the thought element and the basic sound which contains all other sounds would be a good choice when invoking the Soul Star chakra. However, there is no reason to only use the energies of OM. Should you feel a connection with one of the other mantras, or you’re  simply failing to visualize the kundalini rising-up through your chakras, there is every reason to work with the seed-mantra for the other elements, earth (LAM), water (VAM), fire (RAM), space (HAM) and air (YAM)


The Soul Star chakra resonates to the colors Gold and White and its location sits just above your head

The crystals and gemstones: snowflake obsidian, onyx, hematite, clear quartz, quartz, celestite, herkimer, diamonds, sugilite, amethyst and spirit amethyst can be used to assist you energize the Soul Star chakra

Our Soul Star Chakra is associated with spiritual awareness, ascension, awakening to Spiritual truths and awakening to the Christ mind or Universal Soul.  A gateway to other ideas, concepts and higher dimensions.  The energy centre of Divine love, Spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness.  

All the above have been associated with the Soul Star chakra and all can be used as a means to focus on balancing your chakras and becoming more settled and connecting to the divine


Having earthed yourself by energizing the root chakra, found your emotional-self by energizing the sacral chakra, felt personal power and spontaneity while energizing the solar plexus chakra, bought love and acceptance into your life by energizing the heart chakra, found clear communication by energizing the Throat chakra, enabled clear seeing and visualization with the Brow chakra and worked on the Crown chakra to free the kundalini to rise and connect with your higher-self and the Divine, you are ready to work with your Soul Star chakra to expand your consciousness to encompass spiritual truths and universal soul

The ability to energize your Soul Star chakra working together with a free-flowing kundalini enables connection to universal truths and allows your soul to roam freely. You will feel the love that comes with total freedom and ultimate truths as all previous chakras come forth and work together to free kundalini energy connecting your spinning chakras to the Divine 

Working with your Soul Star Chakra is an important step as it allows you to feel true connection to the Divine and total release and freedom. Allowing total understanding and acceptance of all, as spiritual awareness fills your being and frees you to wash-away any issues that might previously have prevented you from connecting to your spirituality, enabling you to be at one with your higher-self and universal truth

Archangel Metatron Visualization

Archangel Metatron is the Archangel connected to Christ Consciousness

Firstly, say, I invite Archangel Metatron into my space

Now imagine pure golden light surrounding you and protecting you

Breathe this pure golden light into your body and absorb this light into every organ and cell in your body, feel this powerful and protective light, this healing light flowing through your whole body.  You are full of light, you feel uplifted, inspired and safe. 

This light transforms anything coming up in your energy field for healing and releasing now to the light for transformation.

Now say, Archangel Metatron, I ask for your guidance on expressing my light and strengthening my connection to Divine consciousness, my higher light and my spiritual truth.  

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Written with kindness as a guest post for Sacred Mindz

by JustinKynde with kindwordz and Caroline Sayers of Sacred Mindz

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